mini thermacage

Introducing the improved mini-thermacage
The advanced animal warming system with the smaller footprint.

This top quality warming cabinet has been designed for use with IVC units where space is at a premium. Its precision temperature control, simple to use 3 step instructions and easy animal access, make it the perfect solution to post-operative care and blood taking procedures.thermacage MK3 small

Now with additional features for better animal welfare and user operation.

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Small footprint          320mm W, 400mm L, only 150mm H (300mm H with heater unit).
Integrated                  P.I.D. controller, easy adjustment and 3 step operation.
Accurate                     precise temperature calibration with test certification.
Easy access                high front, spring loaded, hinged access doors for animal security.
Removable                the dividers provide 4, 3 or 2 compartment configurations.
Easy clean                  removable heat unit makes cleaning and relocation easy.
Transparent              clear easy-view end panels and animal friendly translucent dividers.
Reliable                      simple, efficient and robust design with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.


Apartment adjustment

Panel-1    Panel-2    Panel-3