Mini Thermacage

Maxi Thermacage


The maintenance of small animal body temperatures during and especially post surgery has always been a matter for concern. Whilst under anaesthetic, the animal’s body temperature can drop and this can lead to the loss of life. It also leads to work having to be repeated using additional animals. Heat pads were introduced to alleviate this and became widely used. However, it was noted that direct heat was difficult to regulate and animals often became too hot, were not warm enough or were only at the correct temperature in places.

More recently, the Thermacage was introduced. The principle of the Thermacage is that warm air is circulated at a defined temperature throughout an animal holding chamber. The original models were cumbersome and improvements were made to reduce the size. The original mini-thermacage has been available in the UK market since 1997 and with over 90 units sold so far, it has proved a very successful product.


NEW and improved 2 year warranty

The new Thermacage is our most efficient and reliable version to date. Since we introduced the new improved model, not one machine has been returned for fault repair. We’re delighted with this performance of course which allows us to offer our new, extended, 2 year warranty proudly and with great confidence.